Tuesday night dinner for one

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Burger n’ Fries – Island Style!

Last night was Mister’s school night so I was on my own for dinner. On the weekend I ran my first ever 30K run as part of the Midsummer Night’s Run series and to be honest I was still tired last night. So I skipped my usual Tuesday night run in order to cook something … Continue reading

Grown up kid meal

Mister has school tonight so it’s dinner for one. Tonight after a short run I was too lazy to make anything fancy so I made a quick grilled cheese (rye bread, old white cheddar, put under broiler and keep an eye on it). On the side I heated up a tin of campbells tomato soup … Continue reading

Can I borrow a feeling?: Dinner for one

Mister has school on Tuesdays so I am usually on my own for the night. I try to get in a long run on Tuesdays, and sometimes I make something for dinner that I know he won’t be in to or can’t really eat (scrambled eggs and toast, grilled cheese, bowl of cereal – you … Continue reading