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Cottage breakfast

It’s September now and the days are starting to cool off..which sucks. Summer is pretty much over and that means goodbye long, sunny days, weekend camping trips, beach days, post-work patio drinks, summer runs by the waterfront, swimming pools, hot and hazy long weekends, secret boozy picnics in Trinity Bellwoods park, toasting marshmallows over a … Continue reading

Fresh vegetable gazpacho (You can win friends with salad!)

We’re in the midst of a heat wave here in Toronto and I am not going to lie – I love it!  What I do not love is cooking in this heat, even though I live in a condo with a/c – i despise a/c and only put it on when desperate.  Yesterday the temperature … Continue reading

Paper cups and pizza

One of the simple joys of summer in Toronto is a large park in the west end of the city called Trinity Bellwoods (or just “the park” to west-end locals such as myself). It seems like as soon as the temperature goes above 10C and the sun starts shining on a regular basis, the park … Continue reading