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Fresh vegetable gazpacho (You can win friends with salad!)

We’re in the midst of a heat wave here in Toronto and I am not going to lie – I love it!  What I do not love is cooking in this heat, even though I live in a condo with a/c – i despise a/c and only put it on when desperate.  Yesterday the temperature … Continue reading

Salad. Yup, I said Salad.

I have been absolutely terrible at updating this blog and I feel super guilty! I’ve started a new job so things are a little nuts for me what with my new commute, and the learning curve at work. I’m still doing social media/web stuff but in an entirely new industry so sometimes I am all: … Continue reading

Turkey Meatball Banh Mi

A new Banh Mi joint opened up on Queen street a few weeks ago and the Mister and I rushed over to try it. Banh Mi Boys are located at Queen West and their cheap, delicious Korean-Mexican-Vietnamese fusion banh mi, etc. are worth every penny! We tried their pulled pork taco (which comes in a … Continue reading