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Surprise, I’m pregnant…and I went to Antarctica

Surprise, I am pregnant! I’m nearly 23 weeks along now and…it’s going. Health-wise, everything has been great so far. I was a little nauseous in the first trimester but I did not let that stop me from going on the most epic voyage of my entire life – to Antarctica! I was supremely fortunate enough … Continue reading

Summer Salmon

First off, some background music: “Ivy & Gold” – Bombay Bicycle Club . I cannot get enough of this song right now. It’s so end-of-summery and catchy. Last night the Mister made dinner while I was out running. We have a surplus of vegetables from the Farmer’s Market the other day so he rounded them … Continue reading

Help me find new headphones!

I need new headphones for my iPhone because this is the third pair I’ve ruined from running with them on (sweaty! Yuck!). Does anyone know where I can get a pair with similar functions? Mainly: volume control and ability to skip songs – mic is optional as I hardly ever use. It would be nice … Continue reading