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Surprise, I’m pregnant…and I went to Antarctica

Surprise, I am pregnant! I’m nearly 23 weeks along now and…it’s going. Health-wise, everything has been great so far. I was a little nauseous in the first trimester but I did not let that stop me from going on the most epic voyage of my entire life – to Antarctica! I was supremely fortunate enough … Continue reading

Salad. Yup, I said Salad.

I have been absolutely terrible at updating this blog and I feel super guilty! I’ve started a new job so things are a little nuts for me what with my new commute, and the learning curve at work. I’m still doing social media/web stuff but in an entirely new industry so sometimes I am all: … Continue reading

Gastown Gamble Screening

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to a screening of a new tv show on the Oprah Winfrey Network called “Gastown Gamble“. The weather got in on the action as well and disguised itself appropriately as “Vancouver winter” complete with rain and fog – eventually giving way to gale force winds! Fortunately … Continue reading

Homemade Pickled Stuff: The First Attempt

It’s been far too long since I’ve updated but I do have a good reason. Without getting into a lot of detail (because I can’t without getting upset), just after Halloween there was a death in my family that absolutely shattered me – brought me right to my knees. I’m still going through the grieving … Continue reading


It’s HALLO-WEEKEND! First up: Check out my post on a few of my all-time favourite spooky movies over at Biff Bam Pop Secondly: Get yourself in the Halloween “spirit” with my Halloween playlist on RDIO: http://rd.io/i/QVoSyzNb8s8 And finally, gaze upon my sister-in-law’s boston terrier Violet in her new Halloween costume: Try not to eat too … Continue reading

How To Peel Garlic Really Fast

QUICK! PEEL ME A WHOLE BUNCH ‘A GARLIC! And make it SNAPPY! Here’s a video from Saveur Mag that should help, sent to me by my friend L!: Once again, I’m just posting this so I will know exactly where to find it…

Illustrated Veggie Cheat Sheet!

Check out this handy “Veggie Cheat Sheet” chart I came across via twitter today! I couldn’t resist posting it here (mainly because now I’ll know exactly where to find it when I need it!). Veggie Cheat Sheet – from Secret Tips from the Yumiverse (click to embiggen)

How Much Is Too Much

Major lack of updating on my part! Not for lack of content that’s for sure…I have lots to say and have cooked/been cooked/eaten many delicious things over the past few weeks! Working with social media keeps me on my toes. I try very hard to monitor the ebbs and flows – mainly based on how … Continue reading

Teeny tiny muffin tray

Would you care for a tiny muffin? This super cute necklace I ordered from etsy arrived the other day! I’ve already worn it a bunch of times. It’s very “me”. The measuring spoons even have amounts written on them! Adorable.

Do you keep a snack drawer at work?

I keep a very…interesting desk at work. I don’t have any pictures hanging or anything (mainly because I am too lazy to actually print them and bring them in) but I’d say you could probably figure me out just by glancing at what’s crammed into my small work area. Among the clutter of my Thai … Continue reading