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Surprise, I’m pregnant…and I went to Antarctica

Surprise, I am pregnant!

I’m nearly 23 weeks along now and…it’s going. Health-wise, everything has been great so far. I was a little nauseous in the first trimester but I did not let that stop me from going on the most epic voyage of my entire life – to Antarctica!

I was supremely fortunate enough to go on this trip for work in Feb 2013 with my husband. We got to go to Chile as well (we flew to Antarctica from Punta Arenas, Chile) and spent a few days in Santiago, Chile. All in all it was probably one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life and there are no words to describe how grateful I am that I still got to go, despite being “in the family way” (a bit nerve-wracking when you are LITERALLY not even remotely close to a hospital in case of emergency!).

Here I am at Neko Harbour with a bunch of Gentoo penguins! Neko Harbour was my favourite landing on the entire trip. It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life. We climbed up very very high and looked down over the water, icebergs and calving glaciers and it was just…amazing. The mister and I took a lot of video during the voyage and in almost every clip you can hear me saying “WOW!” in the voice of a 4 year old…it was just..magical. If you ever ever get the chance to go, GO. Save your money, it is 100% worth it.

Me at Neko Harbour, Antarctica with a bunch of penguins

Dear Baby: this was your first vacation. Pretty cool huh?

Chile was also pretty great, especially because it was full summer there and the temperature was around 35C every day. We left Toronto in the depths of a horrible blizzard (it was warmer in Antarctica than it was in Toronto!) so that summer weather in Chile was most welcome. We rented an airbnb apartment in Santiago and walked our butts off – I wore out a brand new pair of shoes.

My favourite part was the day we climbed Cerro San Cristobal . It was SUPER hot out but the views were totally worth it. There is a Catholic sanctuary at the top with a huge statue of the virgin mary which can be viewed from all over the city. I’m not religious at all but I lit a candle for my mom (she passed in 2004) there amongst the candles and mementos left for other departed loved ones. It was very peaceful.  On the long, sweaty hike back down we stopped at Piscina Tupahue – a huge public swimming pool about halfway up the hill with incredible views. It was just a perfect day.

Piscina Tupahue, Santiago, Chile

Back to the whole pregnancy thing. As I mentioned, health-wise all is well! I feel ok, all of my tests have come back with good results and the baby is kicking like Rick James on Charlie Murphy’s couch.

Mentally, I’m finding it a bit rough. I had NO idea what kind of a toll this would take on my self-esteem. I weigh more than I ever have in my entire life and I’ve had to cut back on all of my physical activity because it really wears me out. I go to the gym about 3 days a week and I’m in a prenatal yoga class, but I don’t work as hard as I used to (my dr said to go at about 80% effort instead of 100%) and I don’t run much anymore which makes me so, so sad. (I DID sign up for the Toronto date of Color Me Radwarning,annoying auto-play video – on a team with some of my co-workers which is exciting but also scary. I’ll be 7.5 months along by then so I’ll probably have to waddle the whole thing.) I guess feeling like that is normal though..right? RIGHT?!

If there is one thing I do marvel at, it’s how people seem to think they can say ANYTHING to me now and it’s fine. Comment on my weight, food I ate, coffee, physical activity, sleep, etc. WOW, really people? REALLY?! It makes me make this face:

Sam Jackson's face here is perfect

Someone just sent me this link: Things Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman – and all I can say is THIS IS SO TRUE. Please, if you happen to be friends with/married to/related to/etc. a preggo right now, read this and take notes. I know it’s easy to roll your eyes and be all “pfft…these aren’t that bad” but when you are full of RAGING hormones and feel like utter crap about yourself, these things can really sting and/or cause extreme internal rage!  I could add a few things to this list but then I’d be getting too specific about things that have been said to me personally, so mums the word.

All in all I am happy to so far have what seems to be a healthy little butt kicker gestating inside me. The future should be interesting!

I have another entry (a recipe!) to write while I have time on my lunch break so I better get crackin!


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