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Cottage breakfast

It’s September now and the days are starting to cool off..which sucks. Summer is pretty much over and that means goodbye long, sunny days, weekend camping trips, beach days, post-work patio drinks, summer runs by the waterfront, swimming pools, hot and hazy long weekends, secret boozy picnics in Trinity Bellwoods park, toasting marshmallows over a fire, cottage visits, Harbourfront food festivals …basically all of my favourite things.

One of our annual summer traditions is to rent a cottage up on Mackenzie lake, just outside of Maynooth, Ontario. We spend a few days swimming, sunning, drinking, watching scary movies by the wood stove at night and of course, cooking large elaborate meals. I look forward to it every year and am always sad when we leave.

Mackenzie Lake, Ontario

I’m feeling a little melancholy about this so today I’m posting a summer recipe we made for breakfast at the cottage last month.

Now, Canadians who don’t have winterized cottages tend to go up til at least Thanksgiving weekend so I think this cottage breakfast is still relevant. Think of it as the last supper for your summer cottage season. It’s not a healthy meal by any means but it’s the taste of waking up early on a summer morning at the cottage, looking out over the quiet lake with a mug of coffee and the smell of bacon in the air. This was a bit more time consuming to make than I’d imagined but it was totally worth it. This won’t be the last time I make it, that’s for sure.

Mackenzie Lake Cottage Breakfast:
serves 4 very filling portions

Recipe from one of my favourite food inspiration tumblrs: snacks snacks snacks


1 package bacon (not peameal bacon), diced
1/2 small bag of fingerling potatoes, blanched + smashed
5 cloves of garlic, peeled and then smashed
1 cup cherry tomatoes
1 bunch spinach, rinsed and torn up
1/2 cup shredded extra old white cheddar
4 eggs
a few sprigs of fresh thyme
First, boil your fingerlings until you can stick them with a fork. Drain and place on a flat surface, smash with the bottom of your skillet. This can get a bit messy. Smash your garlic as well and set aside.  In a heavy-duty skillet or frying pan, cook the bacon until crispy. Remove and let drain on a paper towel covered plate. We drained off a little of the bacon fat from the skillet at this point as it seemed like there was A LOT.  Then add your smashed potatoes into the skillet and remaining bacon fat and fry until crispy. Add in your smashed garlic, your fresh thyme and tomatoes and fry until the tomatoes start to blister and burst. Add in your spinach and wilt, then add the cooked bacon back in. Next create 4 wells in the whole mess and crack an egg into each one. Place a lid on top so your eggs cook evenly (we liked ours runny…trust me on this). When your eggs are cooked to your liking, top with the shredded chees and let it melt. Serve hot on your cottage deck with the sunrise and lake as your back drop. Somehow this makes it taste even better.

If you’re done it right, egg yolks should break and run through everything and tie the whole thing together beautifully. This was so so good.

PRO TIP: Your skillet/frying pan will be very very messy. My advice is to let that bad boy soak for a while.


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One thought on “Cottage breakfast

  1. Looks delicious. I cant eat runny yolks though, they make me burp.

    Posted by Randi | September 9, 2012, 5:21 pm

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