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Robert “Chicken and Veggie” Cassoulet

We had nothing in the fridge yesterday except 900 bottles of hot sauce, a half-finished carton of greek yogurt and some vitamin water zeros (Hey cast of “Chopped” – make some magic!’) so we had to go grocery shopping after work. We picked up a few essentials and since we felt a bit lazy, a cooked skinless herb-roasted chicken from the hot counter to serve for dinner that night. I went back and forth in my head trying to think of what else to serve with it (because no, I can’t be satisfied with a simple green salad or mashed potatoes) and decided I’d try my hand at a veggie and white bean cassoulet.

A few internet searches later and some rustling through the fridge and I had a basic idea of how to make a simple vegetable cassoulet (with a few substitutions). When I say “Cassoulet” out loud I want to say it like Will Ferrell-as-Robert Goulet, drawing out the last syllable – Gouleeeeeetttt. Hence, I give you last night’s dinner: Robert “Chicken and Veggie” Cassoulet (“Dah Dah Dee Dah Dah Dooooo“)

I really wanted a youtube clip but they all sucked so you get a picture instead. GOULET!

Cassoulet...the beginning stages

Cassoulet...the beginning stages

I basically followed this recipe from Epicurious (Veggie Cassoulet) but I left out the celery (we didn’t have any), and added some green bell pepper, chopped cremini mushrooms and fresh spinach. I also replaced the 1/4 cup of bean liquid (*shudder*) with 1/4 cup of red wine. Instead of thyme and Bay leaves I followed the advice of some of the reviewers and made a make shift “herbs de provence” blend (though sadly I had no lavender to add in).

Cassoulet about to be plated

Almost done

I toasted some panko crumbs with a little olive oil and grated garlic cloves to use as a topping.  Once the cassoulet came out of the oven, I mashed up a few of the white beans with the back of a spoon to thicken the liquid a little, mixed it, plated it, and topped it with the panko crumbs and a sliced up herbed chicken breast from the supermarket chicken.

The finished cassoulet and chicken


It was SO good. SO good. I had leftovers for lunch today and I honestly could still eat more of it if it was in front of me right now. I immediately added it to the little “make again” list I keep in my head. Highly recommended, especially on a cold, drizzly grey day where you don’t really feel like taking lots of time to cook dinner.

Here’s another picture because DAMN, that dinner was good!

Artsy Instagram shot of my dinner

Yeah I take instagram shots of my food, so what?

As somewhat of a footnote, I would like to just point out that this post on how to peel garlic really fast  that I made last week is a den of LIES! I tried this the same day I posted that entry and it didn’t work. So disappointing!


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