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It’s HALLO-WEEKEND! First up: Check out my post on a few of my all-time favourite spooky movies over at Biff Bam Pop Secondly: Get yourself in the Halloween “spirit” with my Halloween playlist on RDIO: http://rd.io/i/QVoSyzNb8s8 And finally, gaze upon my sister-in-law’s boston terrier Violet in her new Halloween costume: Try not to eat too … Continue reading

Robert “Chicken and Veggie” Cassoulet

We had nothing in the fridge yesterday except 900 bottles of hot sauce, a half-finished carton of greek yogurt and some vitamin water zeros (Hey cast of “Chopped” – make some magic!’) so we had to go grocery shopping after work. We picked up a few essentials and since we felt a bit lazy, a … Continue reading