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Breakfast for dinner

It tasted better than it looked

As much as I hate to admit it, summer is over. No more long, hot sunny days, nights on a patio sipping a cold glass of wine, sitting in the park (possibly with an espresso and toasted marshmallow  affogato from White Squirrel) til late.

The weather is cooler and with the change in temperature my appetite also starts to change.  Instead of cold spring rolls, salads and tofu, I want filling soups and stews.

Last night’s dinner was born more from laziness (and a desire to use up some eggs), but it still made an quick after work fall dinner. Toasted pumpernickel rye bread, a fried egg over-easy, some extra-old white cheddar, tomatoes, romaine lettuce and a few thin slices of some spicy chorizo, all dressed up with ribbons of sriracha sauce = delicious. Now I’ve made myself hungry again.

After dinner I baked some banana muffin/cupcake hybrids for a dinner I am going to tonight (I say “a dinner” like it’s some kind of fancy thing. The truth is I am going to a friend’s place to watch America’s Next Top Model All-Stars. OH THE HUMANITY!).

Banana ...Cuffins? Mupcakes?

Whenever I bake banana muffins I lazily follow this recipe from Chef At Home. It’s easy and even though I hardly ever follow the recipe properly, they always turn out well. In today’s case I used 1 c. whole wheat flour, 1/2 c. AP flour and 1/2 c. oats, substituted fat free plain greek yogurt for the oil, allspice and cinnamon for the nutmeg (it’s what I had hanging around), used three bananas instead of two (in my experience this recipe needs at least 3 bananas), threw in some flax seeds and a handful

of chocolate chips. Obviously Mister and  I sampled one when they came out of the oven and the verdict is: yum.

Then I had to go and ruin everything by screwing up the icing. I decided to make cream cheese icing because duh, it’s the best. I used 95% fat-free cream cheese, some icing sugar, a splash of vanilla and a splash of skim milk (no idea of the amounts as I improvised). It tasted great but has the consistency of that icing that gets poured over cinnamon buns. Oh well. I’ll use it anyway..pretty sure there won’t be any complaints!


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