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How Much Is Too Much

Major lack of updating on my part! Not for lack of content that’s for sure…I have lots to say and have cooked/been cooked/eaten many delicious things over the past few weeks!

Working with social media keeps me on my toes. I try very hard to monitor the ebbs and flows – mainly based on how I *personally* feel about things.  I trust my own judgement. I’m pretty honest online although I am careful to not post anything I might regret later on. I’ve had a blog of some sort online since 1999 and have met some great people through it. I joined twitter in January of 2008 and I’m pretty “me” when it comes to posting – to the point where sometimes people I haven’t seen in a while will say things like “well I already know what YOU’RE up to because I follow you on twitter!”. I can’t decide how I feel about that.

Lately I have been wondering if the tide is turning and being transparent isn’t the most important thing. On one hand, the people I love to read/follow the most are the ones who put it all out there, the ones who don’t pretend that every day is sunshine, the ones with the courage to say “I’m pissed off and I feel like venting and here’s where I’m going to do it”. On the other…maybe not everyone feels the same way as me. Maybe people prefer an edited life in tweets/blog entries?  I read an interesting quote the other day where someone said “For the last five years, we’ve grown comfortable saying online whatever comes to mind. The next five will be about not.” That struck a chord with me. Something to chew on anyway, especially with Facebook’s new Timeline feature about to launch on a mostly unsuspecting public.

This coming Sunday is my birthday. I am hoping this next year of my life will bring some good things! New places to visit, new friends, new recipes, new adventures…

I have lots of food stuff to post but It’ll have to wait!


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Video maker, social media enthusiast, content maker, etc. Tattooed travel lover, runner, horror junkie, amateur foodie. Born in the wrong era. https://corinacorona.wordpress.com/


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