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How To Peel Garlic Really Fast

QUICK! PEEL ME A WHOLE BUNCH ‘A GARLIC! And make it SNAPPY! Here’s a video from Saveur Mag that should help, sent to me by my friend L!: Once again, I’m just posting this so I will know exactly where to find it… Advertisements

Breakfast for dinner

As much as I hate to admit it, summer is over. No more long, hot sunny days, nights on a patio sipping a cold glass of wine, sitting in the park (possibly with an espresso and toasted marshmallow¬† affogato from White Squirrel) til late. The weather is cooler and with the change in temperature my … Continue reading

Illustrated Veggie Cheat Sheet!

Check out this handy “Veggie Cheat Sheet” chart I came across via twitter today! I couldn’t resist posting it here (mainly because now I’ll know exactly where to find it when I need it!). Veggie Cheat Sheet – from Secret Tips from the Yumiverse (click to embiggen)

How Much Is Too Much

Major lack of updating on my part! Not for lack of content that’s for sure…I have lots to say and have cooked/been cooked/eaten many delicious things over the past few weeks! Working with social media keeps me on my toes. I try very hard to monitor the ebbs and flows – mainly based on how … Continue reading