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Do you keep a snack drawer at work?

I keep a very…interesting desk at work. I don’t have any pictures hanging or anything (mainly because I am too lazy to actually print them and bring them in) but I’d say you could probably figure me out just by glancing at what’s crammed into my small work area.

Shaun of the dead and a thai zombie doll

My small zombie related collection

Among the clutter of my Thai zombie dolls, Shaun Of The Dead figurines, design books, Cute overload calendar, snow globe, and Rue Morgue related paraphernalia, you’ll find my hot sauce bottles.

I am addicted to hot sauce. But it has to be TASTY hot sauce. If it’s so hot that I cannot taste my food, I don’t want it.  Up until my first visit to New Orleans in 2009, Frank’s Red Hot Sauce was my go-to.  However once I discovered the tasty heat of Louisiana-made Crystal Sauce, I knew I had found THE ONE.

crystal hot sauce

My precious...

I have it bad for Crystal sauce. I horde bottles of it. Whenever I go back to New Orleans (I have been twice now) I bring back as many bottles as I can handle (I usually need to bring some back for friends and family too so it’s hard). Whenever someone I know is going to New Orleans I beg them to bring me back a bottle. Last year at Christmas one of my gifts from my brother-in-law was a large sized bottle.

At work here I keep a bottle of Crystal and a bottle of Frank’s Red Hot sauce. Sometimes my coworkers come over to use my hot sauce on their lunch breaks. I give them the Frank’s. HA! I’m kind of like that Golum guy from Lord Of The Rings that way I guess.

I also keep a snack drawer at work. My office is across the street from a large grocery store so every so often I’ll go over to pick up a few things to keep in my desk. It keeps me from being tempted to visit the vending machines or the coffee shop downstairs (although sometimes I give in).

Today I didn’t bring a big enough lunch and was scrounging around in my desk looking for something to add to it so I wouldn’t starve all afternoon and it got me thinking about what other people keep at work.  Currently my drawer has: instant oatmeal (2 different kinds), applesauce snack packs, a bag of brown rice crackers, and a box of President’s Choice chocolate penguin cookies (an impulse buy on Monday – they are a bit disappointing). Call me a (desk drawer) voyeur if you will but I’m curious to know what kinds of things people keep at work for when the munchies hit? I can’t be the only one who does this!


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