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Burger n’ Fries – Island Style!

Last night was Mister’s school night so I was on my own for dinner.

On the weekend I ran my first ever 30K run as part of the Midsummer Night’s Run series and to be honest I was still tired last night. So I skipped my usual Tuesday night run in order to cook something decent for dinner.

Inspired by a friend’s Instagram picture of his dinner last week, I put together a Jerk Turkey and Brown rice burger with some roasted spiced potatoes.

Burger and fries - island style

The burgers were basically a mish mash of what I thought would taste good + what I had in the fridge.

I had some leftover brown rice from Monday night’s dinner so I used that as a binding ingredient in the burgers in place of breadcrumbs. Worked pretty well too!  I also threw in some jerk spice (about 2 tbsp and a bit), some pacific smoked salt I had (1/2 tsp or so), some minced garlic scapes from the farmer’s market (1 tbsp or so), some mixed baby green herbs also from the farmers market (in place of parsley – about 3/4 cup), and about 1 1/2 tbsp of worcestershire sauce. I also added a tiny drizzle of olive oil just to hold the burgers together a little better because I can’t use eggs in my burgers (Mister cannot eat eggs). This made 7 burgers.

Burger topped with hot peppers and peaches

I was too tired to think about using and then cleaning off the George Forman grill so I cooked the burgers up in a skillet.  I topped them with some sliced, pickled jalapenos and then I thought something like mango would be nice as well but we didn’t have any. We did have some fresh Ontario summer peaches though so I tried that and it worked out nicely. A good mix of spicy and sweet!

The bun I used is a toasted whole wheat english muffin. I generally hate hamburger buns because I feel like they are always way too big and take away from the burger itself. Over the years I’ve found that a toasted english muffin is perfect for burgers.

Ready to eat!

I had two potatoes in my cupboard that were starting to sprout eyes so I chopped them up and tossed with a little olive oil, rosemary, thyme, coriander and smoked pacific sea salt. Roasted in the oven for a little while, they were an ideal side. I’d make this again!

Once of these days I’ll get a decent camera and stop using my iPhone to take food pictures…


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