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Paper cups and pizza


Pizza in the park

One of the simple joys of summer in Toronto is a large park in the west end of the city called Trinity Bellwoods (or just “the park” to west-end locals such as myself).

It seems like as soon as the temperature goes above 10C and the sun starts shining on a regular basis, the park is flooded with people suntanning, playing Frisbee, playing guitars, eating (Chippy’s, the fish n’ chip place across from the park does particularly well during the summer months), and just generally being seen.  Another thing people do a lot of in Trinity Bellwoods during the hot summer months is drink.

Drinking in public is not legal in Toronto. We do it anyway, as I am sure people in every other city with the same laws do it too.  I’m not saying people sit there in Trinity Bellwoods getting obnoxiously loaded – although I am sure that does happen. I’m talking about relaxing on a blanket with friends, sipping a tall can, smuggling a thermos full of sangria or a bottle of wine, playing a game of baseball in the hot sun and having a cold beer on the bench.

Last Thursday I got together with a bunch of friends I hadn’t seen in a while and we did just that.  A few people brought blankets, we all brought wine, a few snacks and a portable iPod speaker dock and just spread out under a tree. We sat there for quite some time, catching up and sipping cheap tetra pack wine from paper coffee cups before someone figured it might be a good idea if we ate something (wine on empty stomachs on a work night = bad idea for everyone involved).

We tried phoning a few pizza places but as soon as they found out we were in the park we were immediately denied. Then someone spotted the address written on the gates in the park: 790 Queen Street West.

Amazingly, they seemed to accept it as a valid address! We were sitting close to the big park gates at Strachan ave. so we figured we’d try to keep an eye out for a confused-looking pizza guy. About a half hour later, my friend’s cell phone rang. It was …a confused pizza guy.

We managed to convince him to stop by the gates and I ran out to meet him. Tipped the poor guy an extra $8 and behold…we had fresh, hot pepperoni pizza to add to our girl’s night in the park!

I’m sure we are not the first people to figure out this system of pizza chain manipulation but that night as we sat there in the grass with our paper cup wine, stuffing our faces and laughing, we felt pretty pleased with ourselves.  Not gonna lie, it made an already fun night even better. Telling people about it the next day was great too!

I wish summer wasn’t almost over, I could use a few more months of park life!


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