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Teeny tiny muffin tray

Would you care for a tiny muffin? This super cute necklace I ordered from etsy arrived the other day! I’ve already worn it a bunch of times. It’s very “me”. The measuring spoons even have amounts written on them! Adorable. Advertisements

Do you keep a snack drawer at work?

I keep a very…interesting desk at work. I don’t have any pictures hanging or anything (mainly because I am too lazy to actually print them and bring them in) but I’d say you could probably figure me out just by glancing at what’s crammed into my small work area. Among the clutter of my Thai … Continue reading

Burger n’ Fries – Island Style!

Last night was Mister’s school night so I was on my own for dinner. On the weekend I ran my first ever 30K run as part of the Midsummer Night’s Run series and to be honest I was still tired last night. So I skipped my usual Tuesday night run in order to cook something … Continue reading

Paper cups and pizza

One of the simple joys of summer in Toronto is a large park in the west end of the city called Trinity Bellwoods (or just “the park” to west-end locals such as myself). It seems like as soon as the temperature goes above 10C and the sun starts shining on a regular basis, the park … Continue reading

Grown up kid meal

Mister has school tonight so it’s dinner for one. Tonight after a short run I was too lazy to make anything fancy so I made a quick grilled cheese (rye bread, old white cheddar, put under broiler and keep an eye on it). On the side I heated up a tin of campbells tomato soup … Continue reading

Summer Salmon

First off, some background music: “Ivy & Gold” – Bombay Bicycle Club . I cannot get enough of this song right now. It’s so end-of-summery and catchy. Last night the Mister made dinner while I was out running. We have a surplus of vegetables from the Farmer’s Market the other day so he rounded them … Continue reading

Local Sunday

Lots to update about but quickly, just wanted to post a picture from this morning. My in-laws were in town for the night and this morning we took them to the farmer’s market in our neighbourhood just to look around. Along with a huge bag of fresh veggies, I bought some cheese from a local … Continue reading