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Can I borrow a feeling?: Dinner for one

Mister has school on Tuesdays so I am usually on my own for the night. I try to get in a long run on Tuesdays, and sometimes I make something for dinner that I know he won’t be in to or can’t really eat (scrambled eggs and toast, grilled cheese, bowl of cereal – you get the idea).

Please hit play and rock out while you read the rest of this

Last night, however I was craving Chickpea Picatta from the “Appetite for Reduction” cookbook. I had all the ingredients already and I’ve made it so many times I could probably do it with my eyes shut.

I put the potatoes on to boil while I freshened up after my run. You could probably serve this without the mashed potatoes but it wouldn’t be as yummy. Or filling.

I hate chopping. In the background you can see the cookbook which now falls immediately open to the Chickpea Picatta page. It has watermarks and stains on the pages. Well loved.

Cooking onions makes baby jesus cry. Also: me. I have the most sensitive eyes ever and I often wear sunglasses when I’m chopping/cooking onions so I don’t wind up looking like Tammy Faye Baker.  Most people probably won’t get that old chestnut of a pop culture reference so let’s change that to, Oh, I don’t know, Courtney Love circa “Live Through This”.

An ex-coworker brought me this pepper all the way from South Africa. It tastes better than normal pepper. I don’t know why or how to explain it.

Everything swirling together. Upon first glance this recipe doesn’t seem all that appealing but I assure you, you can’t go wrong with chickpeas, garlic, veggie broth, capers, wine and lemon. Plus: mashed potatoes!

The recipe calls for arugula but I didn’t have any so I used spinach. Tasted just as great.

Topped off with a few sliced green onions I found in the fridge.

The best part is: lunch leftovers!

Recipe here.


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